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What Do Celtic Symbols & Designs Mean? TREE OF LIFE

In this series of articles and observations regarding Celtic designs and symbols, I would now like to talk about a few specific designs.  The “Tree of Life” is one of my favourites, and although it can be represented in many ways, depending on the artist who created it, it will still have the basic design

What do Celtic Designs & Symbols Mean_ “KNOTWORK”

So…continuing on in this series of info, and  bits & pieces regarding Celtic designs & symbols, let’s have a little look at Knotwork.  Knotwork is incorporated into most of Celtic designs, in some form or another.  As I have previously mentioned, there is a common belief that each knot, spiral & interlacing animal has an

What do Celtic Symbols & Designs Mean? “The Hounds”

Symbols since the 5th century B.C.,  hounds appeared as companions of both male and female divinities, and have many layers of symbols.  The basis for its many layers is the dog’s senses of hearing, smelling and orientation, which is shared in humans. The female side stands for fertility, healing ( licking wounds ), and love.

What do Celtic Symbols & Designs mean?

As I’ve said previously,  the most frequently asked questions about the Celtic designs I use for my cushions, bags, velvet scarves & T-Shirts relate to the meaning or symbolism behind these designs. So now that we’ve discussed a brief history of the Celts , their origins and just who they are, we have a context

Who are the Celts & what do Celtic Symbols mean?

The questions I’m asked most frequently about the Celtic designs I use for my cushions, bags, velvet scarves and T-Shirts relate to the meaning or symbolism behind these Celtic designs.  So, I thought I would write a little series about just this. I guess to understand their art and design, it’s helpful to know just who

Purchasing Yarn for Handwoven Scarves -six degrees of separation

I use extremely fine yarn for my handwoven scarves, so I tend to purchase commercially spun yarn, as handspun is not fine enough for my liking.  As more spinning mills in Australia are closing, it has become more difficult to purchase small quantities of various yarns.  Not so long ago I purchased some beautiful super-fine

Celebration Bag – 21st Birthday – Bag of Good Wishes

      Here’s another “Celebration Bag”.  So, instead of having a giant card or register or giant keys in the case of 21st birthdays, for guests to sign & write their good wishes for the guest of honour, I have created these “Celebration Bags”.  Guests use provided note paper to pen their thoughts, &

Celebration Bags for Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays….

Recently my brother and I were organising the celebrations for our parents’ Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary.  I wanted to do something a bit different from the traditional large card or register for guests to sign and write their good wishes.  So, the Celebration Bag was born.  These bags are individually made and embroidered with a design of your choice, your wishes

“Venus Collection” hand screen printed and embroidered cushions released

Kim Doherty is pleased to announce the release of the “Venus Collection” hand screen printed and embroidered cushions on her website.  Originally a collection of cushions made from co-ordinating hand screen printed fabrics designed and printed by Kim Doherty, the collection now extends to embroidered cushions, as stand-alone designs or to compliment the printed range.

National Celtic Festival

Great Queen’s Birthday long weekend at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington.  Caught up with lots of customers and met some great new people.  Always a good time for lovers of all things Celtic (and those with just a passing interest).  Always a huge buzz to see people wearing  “Kim Doherty” scarves, bags, tees.

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