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Celebration Bag – 21st Birthday – Bag of Good Wishes



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Here’s another “Celebration Bag”.  So, instead of having a giant card or register or giant keys in the case of 21st birthdays, for guests to sign & write their good wishes for the guest of honour, I have created these “Celebration Bags”.  Guests use provided note paper to pen their thoughts, & the individual notes are placed in the bag, to be retrieved whenever desired by the person whose event is being celebrated.  This one was for a 21st Birthday which had a black & white theme.  Guests were also asked to wear black & white.  The bag is made of black cotton velvet & white cotton velvet for the outer shell, which has been embroidered in black on the white panel, & in white on the black panel.  The embroidery is all the way around the circumference of the bag.  The lining is made from 2 different pieces of satin.  The top is plain white, and is embroidered in black with the personalised congratulatory message.  The rest of the lining is satin which is black with a white concentric circle pattern.  It is finished with black cord & beads.  I also provided the white note paper, which I printed in black across the top & bottom, with the same design as the embroidery on the outside of the bag.  Of course, if you want to, you can always use the bag as a bag!  That’s why I usually embroider the message on the upper lining, but, of course, you can have it on the outside if you wish.  That’s the beauty & uniqueness of custom-made things!