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“Amethyst” Crystal Pendant in hand-knitted silver wire – Hand-made jewellery

“Amethyst” Crystal Pendant in hand-knitted silver wire – Hand-made jewellery



Non-Tarnish Silver Wire

Sterling Silver Chain



Stone:-  approx. 30 mm(1.18 inches)  long

approx. 20 mm (0.78 inches)  wide

approx. 8 mm (0.3 inches) thick

Chain:-  approx. 61 cm (24 inches) long

approx. 1 mm (0.04 inches) in diameter

Gift Box:-  approx. 65 mm (2.55 inches) long

approx. 60 mm (2.35 inches) wide

approx. 25 mm (1 inch) deep



Not just a beautiful piece of hand-made jewellery, this piece has lots to offer. This is an Amethyst crystal encased in very fine guage  hand-knitted non-tarnish silver wire.  The pendant is suspended from a fine Sterling Silver Snake Chain.  It comes to you presented in a white satin-lined black faux-leather gift box which is decorated in gold on the top.  A scroll accompanying the pendant, which fits very well into the gift box, states the properties of the crystal.  It reads as follows:


 Enhances right brain activity.

 Assists in purification and regeneration, and cuts through illusion.

 Has a calming mental effect, and helps you to feel less "scattered", and more in control.

 Helps to balance emotional highs and lows.

 Helps you to see goals clearer, more realistically, and easier to achieve.

 Has strong protective qualities.

  Strengthens the cleansing organs, circulatory system and blood, immune system, and body metobolism

Not only that, it is beautiful.....................

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Price: $80.00

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