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“Woven Composition”

“Woven Composition”

Art Piece

Mixed Media


Dimensions:  Approx. 30cm (12") wide and 45cm (17.75") long




This flowing piece is made from various materials mounted onto sandwiched layers of clear perspex.  Between the two layers of perspex is a length of handwoven nylon fibre (fishing line to be precise) in two shades, with strips of yellowing plastic interspersely interwoven. This sits atop a naturally weathered & rust spattered remnant.  All this provides the backdrop for the layered piece which is fixed on top of the perspex.  A quirky little tapestry weaving in 2 colours of fine guage wire finished with little spirals sits on a brass plate which is attached to several pieces of differently profiled, black enamel painted steel, sitting atop a length of black handwoven wire.  This is winged by two lengths of handwoven nylon & wire.  Fishing line has been used in the warp (vertical structure) threads & brass wire of different guages is the weft (horizontal) threads.  A surprisingly complex piece in its simplicity.

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Price: $500.00

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