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“Tree of Life”

“Tree of Life”



approx. 42cm (16.5") square.


Made from black 100% cotton fabric, this cushion is embroidered on one side with a Celtic Tree of Life;  it is plain on the other side.  This is a classic Tree of Life design with a few individual notes.  The piping is the same fabric and colour as the cushion.  It has a zipper on the bottom for easy removal of the cover.

A little about the Tree of Life.........  The Tree of Life can be found across many cultures, in many guises.  It was particularly important to the ancient Celts.  Trees were tantamount to life, and beyond.  As well as a basic source of sustenance, food, shelter, and fire, they were also culturally and spititually significant.  When tribes cleared for settlement, a great tree was left in the middle, known in Ireland as 'Crann Bethadh' (Tree of Life).  This embodied the security and integrity of the people.  The most heinous crime would be to cut down another tribe's sacred tree.  The Tree of Life represented a connection to the Otherworld, with its roots into the earth (lowerworld), and its branches reaching to the heavens (upperworld).  As above, so below.  Celtic knotwork  has no visible beginning and ending,  hence the interlacing knotwork branches and roots symbolise thecontinuity and endless cycle of life.

Price: $45.00

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