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“Fluorite”  Handwoven Scarf

“Fluorite” Handwoven Scarf


Length:  approx. 149cm (approx. 58.7 inches)  excluding fringe

Width:  approx. 16.5cm (approx. 6.5 inches)


Made From:

Hand-dyed Silk/Rayon



Tell me more about this handwoven scarf.......

This handwoven, hand-dyed scarf is one of four in a series that was inspired by the beautiful colours, depth & reflection of gem stones.


The basis for this series of handwoven scarves is hand-dyed Silk/Rayon.  I use a dyeing method whereby the yarn is wound in skeins, and using a paint brush, literally paint with dyes of varying colours,  resulting in a random blend of colours.


When these threads are on the loom, and crossed with threads of a different colour, the effect creates depth, reflection, and a whole range of new colours.  Gemstones and crystals pick up their colours from their natural surroundings as randomly as the colours are created in my dyeing and weaving.


Love it!  The results are always different!


Fluorite is often coloured with purple, lilac, golden yellow, green, blue, pink, champagne and brown.  It often has groups of colour regions, and banding.


See how the folds of this very lightweight scarf reflect the various colours in a 'shot' fashion, shining from purple through to green.

Price: $150.00

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