Kim Doherty
Unique handmade textiles
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“Tree Bark”

“Tree Bark”

Made from:

Silk, Cotton, Rayon, Wool



approx. 140 cm (approx. 55 inches) long, excluding fringe

approx. 15.5 cm wide (approx. 6 inches) wide


Tell me more:

I'm very inspired by the environment around me.  One of the things I like most about textiles, is it's tactile nature;  just as we see in the nature around us.........  In the rocks, sand, foliage, tree bark .........


This lovely textured, extremely  fine yarn, predominately a greyish brown in colour, is flecked with textured tufts of fibre, in green, orange, brown and a variety of colours which add to its textured appearance.  This hand-woven scarf has a palette of very natural colours.


This scarf is so very lightweight; almost sheer, but with a substance of texture.

Price: $125.00

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